When Pigs Fly

Can wine boost your French? Yes, and before you even drink it! One condition applies though, it must be French. Chauvinism? Pas du tout, it’s all about labels — and learning perspective. A new word each wine. Et pas n’ importe lesquels!

Forget about castles and gothic fonts. Think green flying pigs instead. The new generation of French wine labels will surprise you and put your reading skills to the test. Voyons si vous avez du nez. Any idea what Saint Glinglin means?

St Glinglin composite reduced

That little piggy did the trick, didn’t he? La Saint Glinglin, the day when pigs fly, has finally come. “Awesome Bordeaux everyday,” says the label on the back, “… meant to be drunk and enjoyed, not traded and hoarded. We’re intent on putting it back on your table. Everyday.”

L'hurbluberlu cropped

Off to a good start. All right, next labels — and no handy pig on these. Time to pour yourself a glass and do some pairings. Your job? Match wine descriptions to labels. Yep, L’Hurluberlu looks like bad news, but the other two are up your alley — and the underlined words should help connect the dots.

Two bottles

“This wine has vivacious blackberry and loganberry fruit, with sleek acidity and nicely tangy pepper, tobacco and iron notes checking in on the finish. Not big, but shows impressive range nonetheless.”

Luscious and seamless in texture, this wine finishes with strong punch, the supple, late-arriving tannins melding smoothly with the wine’s dense fruit.”

“Natural yeasts ferment this personality-filled wine which offers pure fruit, spice, slight pine and cheer. Aged in clay amphora by a true wine fanatic, this wine roughly translates as eccentric — a local nickname for the winemaker!”

Need feedback? Check the Web pages below or, better, experience the real deal: Throw a wine tasting party. And taste generously, for it will take more than a glass of L’Hurluberlu to say it right! À la bonne vôtre!

2009 “Cent Visages” Touraine Côt (Malbec)

Hurluberlu, Sebastien David, Cabernet Franc – Loire, 2013

Louis-Claude Desvignes Morgon Javernières Les Impenitents 2013

More on wine labels in my next post. In the meantime, Le Pourquoi du Comment as a followup for those eager to know all there is to know about la Saint Glinglin.

— Claire


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