Passer pour un pro du vin

Downloading wine straight from the vineyards? No longer mission impossible. Jacques Bond (“on” nasalized, please) and his girl are fans.

So, what do you say? The newest Bond gadget? Well, I say the USB Wine is missing one thing, and that’s a label decoder. Picture the scene: fancy setting, dim lights, Château Pape-Clément freshly downloaded, label adorning the bottle…


Glass in hand, Jacques leans toward his girl, about to kiss her, when the un-expected happens. “Chéri, I’m dying to know, what does appellation contrôlée mean?” Oh, oh… Is our secret agent dans la merde? Never for too long: One minute is all he needs, la minute du vin.

You too can passer pour un pro du vin. Please give this little gem of a site a good look:  a witty, hands-on guide to keep sous le coude just in case … kissing gets in the way of your last-minute video.

Because pouring un grand cru classé requires preparedness, Messieurs, and knowing your labels is a must. So here is for you, Jacques, and for you James — just don’t buy the pronunciation tips, okay?

— Claire

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