À mourir de rire


Louis de Funès et Bourvil dans Le Corniaud / StudioCanal

Merci to Jacques D., our guest blogger this week, for alerting us to Paul Taylor and his “comical and over the top description and implicit commentary of certain ways the French behave.”

Is there a movie rating for mourir de rire?

“I think these short movies are quite funny, and the acting quite lively and perceptive on French behavior. Of course the French could easily do the same about the Brits, on different themes of course!!”

“I guess the videos are a modern case of the Lettres Persanes all over again,” Jacques writes. When Taylor tires of skewering French cheese, les terrasses, and strikes, maybe he will turn his attention to French literature. Fais gaffe, Montesquieu.

— Linda



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