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We would be the first to line up for a meal at Chez la mère 6 sous, but appetites and enthusiasms can get a little crazy — it may be time for a straightforward menu. Our topics vary widely and the categories below will help you sample and select. Bonne dégustation!

Maryse Trezy - Vannes - Le restaurant "chez la mère 6 sous"

Maryse Trezy – Vannes – Le restaurant “chez la mère 6 sous”

Des hauts et des bas:  Speaking and Speeching

We’re all for a diverse registre de langue and you’ll find examples of both here. It’s also a space where we fine tune our conversation about grammar, vocabulary, and other questions of language. We’re not hoarders. This is where we share resources for answers to our questions and yours.

Vie privée:  Anecdotes and More

We promise not to pummel you with the personal, but there are times when we’ve just gotta share. But only — and this is our promise — if there’s something to be learned about French in the process.

Tiens, tiens, tiens!  Who Knew? 

The key concepts are curiosity and surprise. There are a bit of both here as we examine idiomatic expressions and a grab bag of idiosyncratic discoveries. Imagine a charming foutoir of ideas.

Quelle histoire!  Where Culture and History Meet

Our view of culture runs the gamut, from highbrow to lowbrow and everything in-between. History? It’s wherever you find it, at each coin de rue.

À boire et à manger:  Plenty for Everyone

It’s a fact of French life and we’re not just talking artichokes here. There’s a lot to learn at this table, so pull up a chair and dig in.

Moteur, ça tourne:  Quiet Please!

Was the last terrific French film you saw Les 400 coups? Nothing wrong with a fresh look at the classics, though a lot has happened since then, especially when it involves langue et langage. Let’s catch up together.

Plein les yeux, plein les oreilles:  A Mix of Media

There’s a goldmine of radio and television out there for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. Pop in your earbuds for a brisk walk with our favorite animateur radio or check out a special episode of a French talk show.

Le grand déballage:  Book Bazaar

Maybe your bookshelves look like ours and, even if they don’t, we hope you’ll find something instructive, amusing, or both as we comb the stacks for inspiration.

À la une:  What’s Up? 

And then there are the headlines. There’s nothing like a good fait divers or a buzzy news item to keep us reading.

À la tâche:  Down to Business

Don’t panic, but sometimes we can’t help but propose an exercise or two. Nothing heavy duty, just a little something to help you keep informed and en forme.


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