FWF final bikes


BNF Classes

Online teaching resources from the Bibliothèque nationale de France. Everything from albums of images to historical documents, current videos to literary archives — a treasure trove of French history, art, politics, and much more. A compendium of links that will take you to all things French, past and present. — Bob

English Book Centre

A “little English bookshop in the south of France, half an hour from Nice, 10 minutes from Grasse, and with a constant view of the Mediterranean,” run  by a Texas ex-pat, Lin Wolff, whose advice to English speakers trying to learn French is “LEAVE YOUR EGO BEHIND! Don’t worry about how you sound – just try!”

Le journal en français facile

Or French news made easier. A daily practice to shape up your listening skills and be on top of the world! Scripts available for the “I must understand every word” student. — Claire

My Little Paris

Got a New Year’s Eve card from a French friend that has me hooked on their website. What a great way to window shop in Paris on your lunch hour or sample a video or two for a dab of French in the middle of the day. — Linda

Les 30 Glorieuses

Discover the “real Frenchness of London” on this site, which celebrates French pop culture of the post-World War II years (les 30 glorieuses) and showcases “cool, fun and interesting” products and events. — Bob


A hot spot for the FSL teaching community worldwide to rendezvous, learn, and chat. With an array of fab — and free — resources, the site has fostered a space to share and reflect on beliefs and classroom practices. — Claire

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