French Fix

If a glass of white wine is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear French Okie, think again. I was introduced to the term (and the Okies) during a spring trip to Café Conversation in Tulsa, the twice-monthly event sponsored by L’Alliance Française de Tulsa. Held at Mod’s Coffee and Crepes, located in The Philcade downtown, a lively overflow crowd chattered away in the lobby just outside the café’s doors. What a swell way to keep the French flowing while making new friends.


My husband and I learned of yet another Francophile outpost when we attended a Cine Club screening here in Los Angeles. A visitor we met that evening alerted us to the presence of a unique AF location in his hometown. Run, don’t walk, to this address the next time you feel the urge to speak la langue de Molière when you’re in Siberia.


If you’re keen on learning more about cultural diplomacy and the history of the Alliance Française, pick up a copy of The Story of French, by Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow, but be prepared for their conclusion at the end of chapter 12. “The surprising result seems to be that the French language today is more popular than France itself.”

— Linda

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