Faute grave 3: Out of the Closet

Les Culino Tests

Oups. I promised more on spelling mistakes way back in September. Hope you’ll agree that this edition of Envoyé spécial called Le Prix des Fautes was worth the wait.

Shame? Just ask 54-year-old Francis, a successful businessman who battles his spelling demons and comes clean on camera, at the 5:13 mark, about habitually misspelling trente.

And what about Lucy, a supermarket cashier who lost her job because of an accident but couldn’t qualify for a new post in the same company because of poor results on a spelling test? She lost her case the first time around, later winning in the cour d’appel, but her facial features and voice are still disguised as she describes her trauma. Check out her ordeal 15 minutes into the link.

What to do about this foutoir de grammaire?

Anne-Marie Gaignard is back and she’s fighting the good fight. Follow her uplifting story at about 17:03 into the segment — the walk of shame ends here.

— Linda

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