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On a beau parler la même langue, on ne se comprend pas toujours.” When a colleague and now dear friend from Bruxelles told me her boss “was playing with her feet,” I was and must have looked confused for she quickly added, smiling, that in Belgium, jouer avec les pieds de quelqu’un meant abuser de sa patience. An idiom Archibald will happily interpret for you — this one and many others from around the French-speaking world. Join the new mascot of tv5monde on his travels and learn a few classics along the way. Always good to have up your French sleeve — only, as Bernard Cerquiglini points out in Le professeur éclaire notre lanterne (scroll to the bottom of the linked page), “n’en faites pas trop.”

And you can’t go until you have savored les expressions provençales et marseillaises. If, like Archibald, you decide to hit the roads of southern France this summer, and can afford to dépenser sans compter, the Provence guru is worth a good look — an even deeper one si vous voyagez aux frais de la princesse….


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