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The elaborate striped “thing” left of Valérie must be the pomme she looks so happy to eat. Does the prickly garnish on top compensate for the missing “o” and upset “e” in the word I was transcribing from memory for the very first time? No doubt zéro faute already was my standard in first grade. My cahiers are testimonies to the discipline of dictation, an exercise we practiced daily to enter the magic — and densely populated — world of spelling and grammar. By the end of the school year, my vowels looked solid and trim but my t’s had yet to be crossed.

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To get those i’s and t’s right, there’s nothing like la dictée d’Archibald.

Archi-facile ou archi-balaise indeed. Select the level that’s right for you — or not, easy feels good, tough can be thrilling — and get ready for a serious workout, you will sweat out your fear of mistakes! The dictée corrigée page provides immediate feedback and brief, to-the-point explanation when needed. A tool well designed and well built. And many topics to choose from. You rock, Archibald! In French? T’assures, Archibald!

Let’s close with advice from a pro: “On ne peut pas apprendre le dictionnaire mais on peut le copier,” is how the young Bulgar and 1992 spelling world champion, winner of the Grande Finale held in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations, commented on his prowess.

— Claire

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