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Armand Ventilo Paris

The days of August are numbered. What better way to pretend you’re in Paris for the final countdown then to watch a swell little film posted by a website called My Little Paris?

A French friend twigged me onto this website some time ago. An English version exists as well, but pas de tricherie!

It’s fresh, definitely lighthearted, and a great source of French vernacular expressions and Franglais. Slow summer, anyone?

But back to our film and a word I couldn’t get out of my mind after repeated viewings. Turns out a ventilo is not only a fan but a fashion brand I hadn’t thought of for years. Back in the ’80s, first I, then my daughter, when she grew tall enough for the embroidered skirt, wore one of their outfits until it was nearly in shreds. Named after an enormous colonial fan that made its way from Vietnam to a store in Limoges, Armand Ventilo appeared to be on the skids for a while, but an iteration of the original marque is currently available online. Le look Ventilo is not at all what it once was, but the anti-morosité message remains the same. Wish that vintage skirt were still hanging in the closet!

— Linda

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