Cla(i)r(e)fication — Et quelles salades!

France has just elected its youngest president — and one whose salades are most delectable. No sarcasm here. Nothing but an homage to Emmanuel Macron’s way with the French language. Take, for instance, the salad he served Marine Le Pen on a silver platter last Wednesday. Made with rare ingredients — one saut de cabri, one galimatias, one antienne, one broutard and, rarer still, some finely aged poudre de perlimpinpin — dressed with gusto and a dainty cheveu sur la langue.

Some may find his French désuet, even chelou, but I would always choose perlimpinpin over this. And so would the irreverent Yann Barthès, only he doesn’t say so.

Now time to help Linda through ze French fog. By the way, readers, all you’ll have to do next time she’s dans l’brouillard is click on the link provided with her question: I’ll pop up with the answer in bright tacky bleu blanc rouge — just like this. Not my first choice of colors, believe me.

But enough complaining, let’s clear up the mist. Le petit milieu parisien? Given the question — the saucy journalist is Paul Larrouturou from the TF1 satirical news program Quotidien — I can only assume Macron here refers to le milieu du journalisme parisien, and more so to the select circle of French news satire. What I take to be his polished version of “fake news!” couldn’t be further from “la presse, on t’****** (f*** you, press!),” yelled by Fillon’s distraught fans seconds after he was ousted from the presidential race two weeks ago.

I applaud our new President’s poise.

— Claire

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