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A word hunt for blondasse has turned up Helmut Fritz and this priceless video. What a relief to find that the term for bottle blondes I remember from the ’90s is still in use.  Confession — I find this tune completely danceable in the privacy of my study, plus frustrated Fritz’s hit list makes me laugh out loud: the receptionist at Costes, anyone who drinks champagne rosé, and the people who line up for macarons at Ladurée. Claire, is there a term for “eurotrash” in French?

— Linda

Européen prétentieux ou ignare. In its own snooty way, this translation may best convey the punch of “eurotrash.” Eurodécadent, europourri, euro bling-bling? Not up to par — unless worn with the right accessoire. The euro necklace tee-shirt is available in all kinds of colors and shapes. Pair it with the gold-plated earrings and you’re up for a good time waiting to clear customs at JFK. Just don’t say how cheap they are. “Cheap” as in price, œuf corse.

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My word hunt led to more discoveries, one of which worth sharing — well, I at least think so: an Anglo-French collaboration more popular than the Concorde, it seems like. No French spoken, but loads of thick vowels and throaty R’s. Oh, and please add the “i” missing in Jean-Paul Gaultier. Thank you.

“If you were a horny British teen back in the 90’s, Eurotrash was the show to watch,” writes a blogger.

My turn to confess: I am long past puberty yet happy the show is making a surprise return this summer for a special one-off episode to tie in with the Brexit referendum. And I’m not the only one cheering. Definitely not. June 23, save the date.

Now, you may not want to know what Eurotrash thinks of Americans.

Je vous avais prévenus. By the way, that short clip is the jingle for Élections américaines routinely featured in Le Petit Journal, another bastion of French satirical news to fall soon — and sadly. More on LPJ before it’s over.

— Claire


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