Busy Beavers

It’s no wonder Alice snaps at her father-in-law during a boozy dinner and welcome home for Philippe, the estate manager’s son.Read More

Ma liste à moi

If you found Le baladeur affecting, La liste de mes envies by Grégoire Delacourt may be the novel for you.Read More

J’suis à l’écoute

When is a baladeur not only a flâneur, but a Walkman? When it’s Le baladeur, a radio show with Julien Cernobori.Read More

Votre été parisien — in New York

Longing for that summer in Paris? Long no more, New Yorkers. Votre été parisien kicks off June 7 in Central Park.Read More

Le pouvoir des raisins

Now that you’re a pro du vin, thanks to Claire, why not kick your expertise up a notch with a film?Read More

À vous faire baver d’envie

We prefer the simple standby a bit undercooked chez nous, but who knew this side of runny was a respectable request for an omelette in France, and one with its own appellation?

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