À vous faire baver d’envie

We prefer the simple standby a bit undercooked chez nous, but who knew this side of runny was a respectable request for an omelette in France, and one with its own appellation? Read More

Retitrage: quel cauchemar

In a dream I had this week, Claire mentioned she had not yet been to an American horror movie. My response to this travesty was immediate. Read More

Passer pour un pro du vin

Downloading wine straight from the vineyards? No longer mission impossible. Read More

When Pigs Fly

Can wine boost your French? Yes, and before you even drink it! One condition applies though, it must be French. Read More

Up All Night

To The New York Times, it’s “Night, Standing Up.” To The Washington Post, it’s “Stand Up at Night.” Read More

French Saved His Life

Born in Poland, Justus Rosenberg moved to a boarding school in Paris in 1937. “I was dreaming of beautiful French girls,” he told The New York Times. Read More

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