Paul Cézanne: Les joueurs de cartes

Pun Intended

Last Thursday had been a long day. “What would make you happier tonight,” I asked myself on the way home, “yoga or beer?” Read More

Subject to the Subjunctive 1: Rust and Bone

There’s plenty of drama to focus on in Rust and Bone, with Marion Cotillard as an animal trainer who has lost both legs to a killer whale and her heart to Matthias Schoenaerts, who plays a street fighter and haphazard father to a young son. Read More

Dépannage linguistique

Comment dit-on “deli” en français? Good question, but no good answer… just yet. Read More

French Fix

If a glass of white wine is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear French Okie, think again. Read More

Ça m’énerve

A word hunt for blondasse has turned up Helmut Fritz and this priceless video. Read More

Mon nom 2

“Comme celui de veau,” my mother once said when asked to spell her name. Read More

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