What a Difference a Would Makes

Events surrounding the release of Michel Houellebecq’s last novel surpassed what anyone could have imagined. Read More

Quoi ma gueule?

Gueule: a word you must know — and not only to get les fruits et légumes moches right. Read More

Fabrice Luchini thumbnail

Registry of registres

If you want to give your registre de langue a workout, the enormously popular actor Fabrice Luchini is the man for the job. Read More

Cultiver son jardin

By the look of her garden, my sister would not qualify as French. Read More

Faute grave 2: The Walking Wounded

Bescherelle ta mère is mordant humor at its best, but I wonder whether Anne-Marie Gaignard is laughing.  Read More

Faute grave 1: Is There an Upside?

Ever try to conjugate a noun in French by mistake? Better hope it flies under the radar of Sylvain Szewczyk, founder of Bescherelle ta mère. Read More

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