No Subtitles Necessary

What makes a film French? One tipoff is the casting of Isabelle Huppert as yet another psychologically disturbed and morally compromised character. Read More

Qui aurait imaginé?

There are always opportunities to learn, even years after the fact. Following one of our book group meetings at The Carlyle, Claire and I popped into a chic shoe store on Madison Avenue before heading toward the subway. Read More

French délicatesse


Be prepared for the long pause before the Q&A session on Coffee Break French actually begins, but it’s worth the wait. Around 13:51 minutes into the video, Margaret Wrightson asks for some good expressions to use when the subject is personal and she has no opinion to share. Read More

Prix Goncourt

Tout ça pour un roman!

Paris, Place Gaillon. 8 November 2010, shortly before 1 p.m. Who is this man, causing such a media stir? And this one? Same address and time, on 3 November last year? Read More

Nelly Alard thumbnail

Friendly Fire

There are good arguments and bad ones, idle disputes about an author’s intentions you know you’ve lost from the beginning because your husband has been trained as a philosopher and worked as an editor. Read More

La Pléiade

Seeing Stars

We welcome feedback from our readers and I’m seeing stars after receiving the comments below regarding “What a Difference a Would Makes.” Read More

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