Serge Gainsbourg

Faute grave 4: Serious Proof … singing

When you listen to a song, which comes first: words or melody? Not something I gave much thought to until I came across “En relisant ta lettre” again. Everyone, pretend I didn’t ask and listen. Read More

Faute grave 3: Out of the Closet

Oups. I promised more on spelling mistakes way back in September. Hope you’ll agree that this edition of Envoyé spécial called Le Prix des Fautes was worth the wait. Read More

Tutoyer featured thumbnail

To Tu or Not to Tu

How thrilling that our work received a mention in T’enseignes-tu! I’m completely emballée with this website. The banner currently displayed is a great place to jump in if you’re a first time visitor. Read More

A site by and for teachers

T’enseignes-tu? A site by and for teachers

For a few years now, T’enseignes-tu? has been a hot spot for the FSL teaching community worldwide to rendezvous, learn, and chat. Its name, a funny-looking question unless you’ve traveled to Québec, fait d’une pierre deux coups. Read More

Escape Artists

Anna Gavalda is far too modest when she states her intention on the back of the 2009 edition of L’Échappée belle, a joy-filled novel about three siblings who make a break for it at a wedding, running off to reconnect with their brother Vincent and their shared childhood: Read More

A Political Weather Forecast

Last week’s headline of the French satirical newspaper Le Canard enchaîné ruffled feathers left and right — as it should have. Read More

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