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The last gift I expected to receive over the holidays was a conversation about Johnny Hallyday at a party in West Hollywood. Bob Merlis, longtime music publicist and passionate fan of the recently deceased French rock ’n’ roll star, had been as blown away as I’d been by Johnny’s Los Angeles concert at The Orpheum. When Merlis disappeared after our conversation I thought that was the end of it, mais non. The CD he slipped my husband and me was all about yes. It was news to me that yé-yé, which some would describe as France’s answer to the British “yeah! Read More

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Johnny R.I.P.

It seems impossible that Johnny Hallyday lost his long battle with cancer this morning. There was always a worldwide tour coming up, or a new record or film to look forward to, one more reinvention of self to anticipate. Sadly, the man who introduced France to rock ’n’ roll will not be making another appearance. There were solitary mourners among the crowd gathered this morning at Marne-La-Coquette, but there were also friends who had seen him in concert together. I was soulagée to receive a text from Claire about a moment we shared over 15 years ago. The restaurant on 14th Street Read More

Aujourd’hui Couillon signifie intelligent

Fun on the best days, annoying on the worst: If growing up with my last name had its ups and downs, no doubt Alexandre Couillon has had his own share of patronymic adventures — only his ups have never been higher. Read More

Faces Places

Joy Ride

Prepare for a long afternoon or evening ahead after you leave the documentary Faces Places. Read More

Summer High

The tomato sauce needed more sarriette, so I hurried down to the cellar, where bundles of the dried herb hung from the ceiling, neatly lined up. Read More

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Compte à rebours

The days of August are numbered. What better way to pretend you’re in Paris for the final countdown then to watch a swell little film posted by a website called My Little Paris? Read More

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