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Faute grave 1: Is There an Upside?

Ever try to conjugate a noun in French by mistake? Better hope it flies under the radar of Sylvain Szewczyk, founder of Bescherelle ta mère.

Un peu beaucoup

Things do not bode well for Martin de Marceul as Tu seras mon fils opens.

May the Best Soap Win

Makers of Savon de Marseille have faced off in a scenario worthy of a courtroom procedural.

Subject to the Subjunctive 1: Rust and Bone

There’s plenty of drama to focus on in Rust and Bone, with Marion Cotillard as an animal trainer who has lost both legs to a killer whale and her heart to Matthias Schoenaerts, who plays a street fighter and haphazard father to a young son.

French Fix

If a glass of white wine is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear French Okie, think again.

Ça m’énerve

A word hunt for blondasse has turned up Helmut Fritz and this priceless video.

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