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French délicatesse


Be prepared for the long pause before the Q&A session on Coffee Break French actually begins, but it’s worth the wait. Around 13:51 minutes into the video, Margaret Wrightson asks for some good expressions to use when the subject is personal and she has no opinion to share.

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Friendly Fire

There are good arguments and bad ones, idle disputes about an author’s intentions you know you’ve lost from the beginning because your husband has been trained as a philosopher and worked as an editor.

La Pléiade

Seeing Stars

We welcome feedback from our readers and I’m seeing stars after receiving the comments below regarding “What a Difference a Would Makes.”

What a Difference a Would Makes

Events surrounding the release of Michel Houellebecq’s last novel surpassed what anyone could have imagined.

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Registry of registres

If you want to give your registre de langue a workout, the enormously popular actor Fabrice Luchini is the man for the job.

Faute grave 2: The Walking Wounded

Bescherelle ta mère is mordant humor at its best, but I wonder whether Anne-Marie Gaignard is laughing. 

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