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Claire Lerognon

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Aujourd’hui Couillon signifie intelligent

http://jmaul.net/71083-advair-diskus-price.html еxperiment Fun on the best days, annoying on the worst: If growing up with my last name had its ups and downs, no doubt Alexandre Couillon has had his own share of patronymic adventures — only his ups have never been higher.

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Summer High

elocon cream cost dispatch The tomato sauce needed more sarriette, so I hurried down to the cellar, where bundles of the dried herb hung from the ceiling, neatly lined up.

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Faute grave 5: A Singing Cure

http://lanerealtyworks.com/47148-provigil-uk.html audit Dear Walking Wounded, I was the first to admit it: Gainsbourg’s proofsinging was a poor recommendation. Please accept my apologies — and please, do consider this one last musical attempt at cheering you up.

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Cla(i)r(e)fication — Et quelles salades!

buy generic propecia in usa France has just elected its youngest president — and one whose salades are most delectable. No sarcasm here. Nothing but an homage to Emmanuel Macron’s way with the French language.

Serge Gainsbourg

Faute grave 4: Serious Proof … singing

When you listen to a song, which comes first: words or melody? Not something I gave much thought to until I came across “En relisant ta lettre” again. Everyone, pretend I didn’t ask and listen.

A site by and for teachers

T’enseignes-tu? A site by and for teachers

For a few years now, T’enseignes-tu? has been a hot spot for the FSL teaching community worldwide to rendezvous, learn, and chat. Its name, a funny-looking question unless you’ve traveled to Québec, fait d’une pierre deux coups.

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