Any idea who — or what — Albertine could be?

  1. The slice of the Antarctic pie claimed by the French.
  2. The Sun King’s favorite mistress.
  3. New York’s newest book shop and salon.

Alors, on donne sa langue au chat?

  1. Wrong, yet not far off the mark. La Terre Adélie, the only non-insular part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, was discovered by the French explorer Jules Dumont d’Urville and named after his wife, Adèle.
  2. Fanciful, but wrong again: No Albertine on the long list of Louis the Fourteenth’s courtesans. Françoise d’Aubigné, better known as la Marquise de Maintenon, was the one sharing his bed most often — before and after she became his second wife.
  3. Couldn’t go wrong with that one, could you? Or you must know your French classics. Albertine is shapely, elegant, and the talk of town, both in New York and Paris. Please have a look.

— Claire

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